Sitting on the famous bench in Richmond-Upon-Thames, UK.

Today is February 2, 2022. Twosday. The only palindromic date in 2022. Not only National Heavenly Hash Day, but also National Tater Tot Day, as well as National Girls and Women in Sports Day. And let’s not forget the obvious…Groundhog Day (6 more weeks of Winter predicted, in case you didn’t already know). But more than anything, it has served as a day of reflection for me.

I was extremely fortunate to be able to travel to the UK over the New Years holiday (and even more fortunate for my co-workers that I didn’t contract COVID and was able to return to the states as scheduled). And because of my (borderline) obsession with Ted Lasso, I set aside a few days in Richmond.

I had such big plans for the trip, documented by pictures and videos, with thoughts of a combination blog/vlog so amazing that even Jason Sudeikis would want my expertise and unique take on things on set immediately. However, being the amateur vlogger that I am (I have never done one), my phone’s battery died after the first few stops. I do have a few videos…a lot of pictures…and a post to come.

In the meantime, life has resumed, and I use the memories of that magical trip to the town my favorite fictional European football team calls home as a buffer for the long shifts and the short days. Sadly, my favorite American football team is not advancing to the Superbowl as I had wished but, having been a fan since birth and standing by them during the roughest of seasons, I consider this just a blip. My heart will always belong to the Red and Gold from Kansas City.

But I digress. Being the fan(atic) that I am regarding the show, I took great pleasure in recognizing landmarks and scenes and inserting myself into the landscape (see above). As I sat on that bench, I thought about the times Ted was called a wanker by that unnamed Richmond fan as he sat there. I thought about the time Beard had a pint ready for him after he put Michelle and Henry in the taxi for the airport and they tapped the bench in unison before they took a drink. And I thought about the morning Trent Crimm’s article came out and Beard, once again, displayed his never-ending loyalty and compassion for his friend. But, in all honesty, my first and strongest thought was “Holy shit. My ass is sitting where Jason Sudeikis’ ass sits.” And if anyone knows differently, please keep it to yourself. I’m not sure my Superbowl broken heart could take it.

Richmond is as charming as it appears on your television screen. The people are genuine, the buildings and alleys are beautiful. And while you will have to wait for my in-depth blog/vlog of all the sites and experiences, I not only treasure the memories, but I am grateful to Ted Lasso for making me want to go visit a place I likely would never have known existed. And while I feel that the bartender at the pub that is the exterior for the Crown and Anchor was pretty tired of Americans wearing scarves for a fictional football team and probably not ordering correctly, he hid his annoyance relatively well. And, still to my surprise, the beer was cold. Thank goodness. Seriously…warm beer?

All good things must come to an end. My trip to Richmond ended after only a few short, wonderful days. I’m terrified that Ted Lasso will come to an end after the season they are currently filming…with Jason Sudeikis’ ass on that very bench (*sigh*). But the memories will remain. As well as the show in syndication.

Moving forward I realize that my visit didn’t make the show any less heartwarming or meaningful or ruin any fantasy of this place that has become the home of some of my favorite people. If anything, it confirmed my admiration for the little town that has captured our hearts over the past two seasons. And remembering the lovely people walking their lovely dogs in the lovely parks will give me something to make it through six more weeks of Winter. And yes, I know I live in Alabama so that is likely going to be a very mild six weeks, but you do remember snowmaggedon, right? Not our proudest moment.

So, thank you Jason Sudeikis and thank you Brendan Hunt. And Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple and Hannah Waddingham and Phil Dunster and Jeremy Swift (as much as I love Higgins, I will always remember you as Spratt first), and Toheeb Jimoh, and, yes, even Nick Mohammed. Thank you for the gift of Ted Lasso. But also thank you to the town of Richmond for allowing us in and letting us stay awhile. You are the uncredited cast member that gives us fan(atic)s a beautiful visual background.

Onward. Forward. But don’t be nice to Rupert.

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