In these unprecedented times, there have been several calls for research proposals. Those of you who know me know that I am a highly motivated, not to mentioned talented, researcher. So I am just throwing some ideas out there…

1. Provider performance at the beginning of a shift compared to the end as it relates to serum ETOH (increased use of hand sanitizer) and CO2 (never taking your mask off) levels.

2. A descriptive analysis of stupid things kids do when they are quarantined.

3. Will finishing the academic year at home have an impact on parents perceptions on corporal punishment in schools?

4. What percentage of children diagnosed with walking pneumonia are ambulatory? (I know this isn’t really COVID related but still think it needs to be looked at).

5. A descriptive analysis of stupid things kids do when they are quarantined, part 2. Yes, I feel quite strongly that there will be enough data for at least 2 papers…and that’s just from our single institution.

6. With the pending chloroquine shortage, could daily consumption of gin and tonics be the secret COVID-19 cure? (Corollary study: does adding lime have any effect?)

7. Important e-mailed missed because your inbox was full of messages from Bed Bath and Beyond, Petsmart, and Ann Taylor (just a sample of a few) and THEIR response to COVID: a descriptive analysis.

8. NICUs census expected spike in the next 25-30 weeks: a predictive analysis. (Additional outcome evaluated is most common names in 2020 and 2021).

9. Novel ways to survive limited supplies of PPE, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and tolerance for people who think the rules don’t apply to them.

10. The rise in voyeurism since the arrival of COVID: Does provider removing their clothes before entering the house after a shift cause an increase in binocular sales?

Happy to co-author or help with IRB. Just let me know!

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